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Legal Notice

Before using this site, please read the following carefully.
I. The copyrights of all information contained in this site are provided by Securities Association of China (“SAC”). This information may not be changed, sold or leased without prior permission of SAC.
II. Any organization or individual using this site, shall comply with the relevant laws of China and this statement, may not damage the safe operation of this website, may not use this site for any illegal activities, may not prejudice the legitimate interests of SAC.
III. Any organization or individual linking this site to other website shall meet the following conditions:
·The link must direct to www.sac.net.cn, rather than the other pages of this website.
·The link to SAC must be a hyperlink, "中国证券业协会" or "www.sac.net.cn" must be clearly displayed on the website.
·When viewers activate the link, the content on the linked website should be displayed in full-screen mode instead of being displayed in the frame mode.
·The appearance, location and other aspects of the link shall not harm or weaken the name, domain name of SAC, and shall not give viewers a wrong impression.
·SAC may take back the right to link to this website at any time from those who conduct the links.
IV. SAC may modify and update the contents on this site at any time, and strives to provide accurate, complete and timely contents. However SAC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness of the materials and information on this website. For any cases, SAC accepts no responsibility for losses that may arise from the use or citation of information contained in this site.


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