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Securities Association of China was founded on August 28, 1991. It developed in the context of the increasing strength of capital markets in China, and now has become an important self-regulatory organization in the industry. The 5th General Meeting of Members which was held on June 23 and June 24, 2011 has brought SAC to a new stage of development. The new management of SAC will continue the scientific outlook on development, maintain the SAC’s commitment to serve the capital markets reforms, leverage the historical opportunity facing the industry, play its role of "self-regulation, service and communication" by working in a service-oriented manner, focusing on self-regulation and pursuing development. SAC will exert itself to take initiatives in response to changes in a proactive way, relying on pragmatic approach, safeguarding the industry’s interests, protecting the legitimate rights of investors, and promoting the innovation and growth of the industry, with the aim to create a better future for China's securities industry!



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